I am an avid amateur nature photographer. My career as a physicist was intimately involved with light and optics. The fusion of art and technology enhances my fascination with digital nature photography. For me, nature photography is challenging and lots of fun. Photography provides me with the opportunity not only to experience remarkable places and magical moments but also to explore the new and the familiar in fresh ways. I share these experiences through my digital images & prints.  The TRIPS gallery contains images taken on a particular photo trip.

I began nature photography about nine years ago. For the first six years my sole focus was wildlife. About three years ago I became intrigued with both grand and intimate landscapes. Abstracts and macro are also areas of interest.

I strive to create images with intrinsic beauty, simplicity, mystery, and action that evoke a strong reaction in the viewer. My hope is for an image to draw the viewer into repeated viewings with each engagement inspiring new insights into the image. 

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